WQ Inc.


New Business

Our philosophy and guiding principles are the creation of excitement in the world and the Quest of Quality. We will challenge any new businesses that matches our philosophy. We will start up new businesses with passionate staff leading the company.


Agricultural Business

“A rich food culture in Japan by the blessings of the sun”
We farm by efficiently using abandoned agricultural lands, which are increasing year by year. We only use safe food from Japan, and we farm for flavor, with our customers enjoyment of our food as top priority. With “A solution for Japan’s agriculture problems” as its concept, we will expand independent agriculture that would lead to “increase of farmers”, “UI turns for the younger generations that left the rural region”, and “revitalization of those regions”.
(Agricultural Corporation AGRIQ: https://agriq.co.jp/)


Villa Business

We want our customers to enjoy a special moment in time, away from daily commotion. We developed a villa named “Oase” in Ishigaki Island. Oase is “oasis” in German. Here you can experience the beauty of nature. Why not visit us for a soothing time surrounded by nature?