WQ Inc.


Environmental Energy Business


Power Plant Development Business

We have extensive experience developing and building power plants. From our founding in 2013, WQ has contributed to more than 100MW of power plant development, including in-house projects.
Our network spans 300 companies from Okinawa to Hokkaido. We strive toward optimal power plants by forming alliances with experts in various fields, including land development, mounting, permits, and construction.
A high-quality power plant continues to generate large amounts of electricity for 20 years. Our mission is to create high-quality power plants for the future.

1. Turnkey Proposal
Our turnkey proposals are consistent, from “due diligence”, “design”, “development/construction”, procurement”, “sales”, to “operation”.
2. Engineering
Our value engineering proposals comprise of systems that are optimally suited to the region and environment of the project site. We collaborate with experts in numerous fields, including development, trestle design, and module installation.
3. Procurement
With more than 300 equipment supply partners, we utilize the latest equipment and components from around the world. We provide only the best product proposals and offer support in cooperation with manufacturers that we know and trust.