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Equipment Sales Business

What are “high-quality” solar power modules? Many problems such as hotspots, snail trails, and PID have been addressed. However, we think that the most important thing is to increase the power generated throughout the 20-year charging period. Through the changing seasons, we strive to make beneficial proposals to manufacturers and customers.
We visit the manufacturing plants of the equipment that we sell, such as solar cell modules, power conditioners, trestles, cables, storage batteries, and private consumption equipment. We believe that we should inspect what we sell beforehand. At WQ, we select our goods based on “high-quality” and propose merchandise that matches the customer’s needs.

Environmental Energy Business


Solar Cell Modules

We have a large lineup, including high-quality European brands where production lines are computer-controlled, and Chinese brands that have competitive pricing. From WQ’s perspective, we select equipment that has the perfect balance of quality and price.

Environmental Energy Business


Power Conditioners

Power conditioners convert generated DC into AC and are the heart of solar modules. In order to ensure stable power generation over the long term, choosing the right power conditioner is crucial. We have a wide variety of high-quality products from both Japan and the overseas. We will propose the most suitable products considering the customer's O&M.

Environmental Energy Business



Trestles are key components for power plant management. Trestles manufactured by WQ are designed to withstand natural disasters and are sturdy, following the JIS standards. The specialized staff are present 24/7 and can return designs/quotes promptly. We also accept construction contracts from bespoke, custom designs, reviews by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, to module installation.

Environmental Energy Business



Cables and connectors have a more substantial number of problems compared to working power plant modules and power controller failures. WQ thoroughly commits to the durability of these parts that often get overlooked. We sell 4sq high-quality DC cables and genuine MC4 connectors.

Environmental Energy Business



We will also propose batteries, private consumption equipment, etc. that best suits your project.