WQ Inc.



WQ Inc. means “Quest of Quality” and we pursue quality in the renewable energy sector and beyond, since our founding in 2013.
In our 10th year, “life is what me make it, so make it exciting” is our mission, and we engage in a variety of businesses both inside and outside of the renewable energy sector.

Carbon-negative is our new benchmark, and this has started to spread around the world for a regenerative society.
SDGs were introduced, and the world started to move forward to achieve those goals.
This is different from the consumer society that we had - a regenerative society where we safeguard resources, and all humans live in abundance.

Fortunately, many of our team have worked in the renewable energy sector for more than 10 years.
Our vision precedes and surpasses that of the SDGs.

We're crouched at the starting line of a historic turning point in the world and imagine a beautiful future for both nature and people.
We will design carbon negative, creating new facilities and services that excite all involved. We want to leave a prosperous and flourishing future for our children.
This is our mission which we work diligently toward.

Upon this foundation, we will advance our businesses toward a regenerative future that we aim for with sincerity. We invite you to join us on this journey.

WQ Inc.