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Environmental Energy Business


Power Plant Investment Business

We own 25 power plants from Tohoku to Kyushu and provide renewable energy with help from each region of the nation. To own power plants as a power generation company, we face many challenges such as finance, development permit acquisition, power plant operation, output suppression, natural disasters, equipment failure, and equipment replacement. We build and invest in power plants that will supply the electricity long into the future, overcoming these challenges one by one.
We measure and maintain data on the amount of power generated from various components used in our in-house plants to be able to offer our customers optimal equipment.
WQ will continue to actively invest in solar sharing, secondary projects, and joint investments with foreign investors to increase the supply of renewable energy.
Feel free to contact us if you have a power plant project or concept.
Also, feel free to contact us if you are a power plant business and are looking for sound investments. We are happy to offer our experience to you in a consultation for your Quest of Quality: WQ.