WQ Inc.


Restaurant Business

Food is a culture that Japan is proud of. Especially kaiseki, which cherishes the broth and the four seasons. Also, Sake is part of Japanese food culture. “Where there is good alcohol, there is good food,” is a saying we live by. We are delighted to be a part of this wonderful culture.


Kamakura Waku

Yuigahama, a 7-minute walk from Kamakura station. This facility opened in 2017 through a renovation of a 52-year-old house built by a skilled Miyadaiku carpenter. The concept of the facility is “Exciting”. It is a Japanese-modern space filled with Japanese wood, leaving the “good and old” as it was.
For the cuisine, traditional kaiseki course methods are followed, but with a dash of excitement. We will provide you with kaiseki courses where you can experience “Wa” excitement yourself.
While we prioritize local foods, please enjoy the kaiseki course that follows the seasons which travel all around the country.